Travel-Focused Promotional Products That Your Company Can Give Away

When you're looking at various types of promotional products that your company can give away, it's often a good strategy to choose items that fall within a specific theme. One theme that you might wish to consider is travel , which can especially be a good idea if your company has some sort of role in the travel industry. There are many different travel-focused promotional products that may appeal to you and, most importantly, that may prove to be useful to your clients and customers. [Read More]

Tips for Choosing the Right Jewelry Store

There are many reasons to purchase jewelry, whether for a birthday or anniversary gift or because you plan to propose and need an engagement ring. If you're planning on making a big jewelry purchase in the near future, shopping at a jewelry store is your best bet. However, there are many jewelry stores to choose from, so it can be difficult to decide which one to shop at. Choosing the right jewelry store is essential if you want the shopping process to go smoothly and be completely satisfied with your purchase. [Read More]

Three Types Of Apparel To Make With Batik Fabric

If you're someone who is capable with a sewing machine and you have a creative mind, you may enjoy buying large pieces of fabric online and then turning them into things that you can wear. Whether you closely follow different patterns or you're experienced enough that you can make something without a pattern, it can be fun to shop for unique-looking fabric on the internet and dream about how you can turn a roll of it into something one of a kind. [Read More]

2 Tests For Telling The Difference Between Gold And Gold-Plated Jewelry

If a private party is offering gold jewelry for sale, you may be interested but a little leery on whether or not the piece is real gold, especially if there are no markings. Even if the surface tests positive for gold, you may worry that the piece is plated. If so, use the following tests to help you tell the difference between gold and gold-plated jewelry. 1.  Drop the Jewelry in a Glass of Water [Read More]